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  • 2019

    In January , won the title of "Poverty Alleviation Workshop"

    In March, it was selected as the "2018 Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post"

    In Sep 2019, It was recognized as” Provincial Industrial Design Centre

  • 2018

    In April, Kaian Biological Products Co., Ltd. of Aba County, Sichuan was established

    In May, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Linxia Prefecture.

    In May, Mahongsheng, Minister of Quality, won the National May 1st Labor Medal


  • 2017

    On the 7th, it was identified as "Gansu honest enterprise"

    In August, it was identified as "2015-2016" Defend the Contract and Recredit "enterprise"

    In October, he was selected as the "Honesty Tax Red List List" of Gansu Provincial State Taxation Bureau.


  • 2016

    In January, it was identified as "Gansu Province Science and Technology Giant Enterprise"

    In December, it was rated as the dominant intellectual property rights enterprise in Gansu Province in 2016

  • 2015

    In May, it was identified as "the second batch of backbone enterprises in the strategic emerging industries in the province."

    In June, it was identified as a "special new" small and medium-sized enterprise

    In November, it was identified as "Gansu Halal Food Organization Improvement Additive Engineering Research Center"

  • 2014

    In August, Xinjiang Turks Ian Biological Products Co., Ltd. was established

    In October, "Research and Application of Halal Powder Grease Processing Technology" was named "Third Prize for Outstanding Technological Innovation in Gansu Province"

    In November, the limited liability company for biological products in Li'an, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province was established

  • 2013

    In March, it was named "Gansu Province Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Base"

    In December, it was named "Gansu Provincial Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise"

  • 2012

    In April, it was rated as "the first batch of circular economy demonstration enterprises" by the Gansu Provincial Industrial and Information Commission.

  • 2011

    In March, Gansu Hua An Biotechnology Group was established

    In July, it was named "Top 100 Private(Private) Enterprises in Gansu Province" in 2010.

    In November, it was named "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center"

    In December, it was named "Gansu Province Famous Brand Products"

  • 2010

    In August 2010, Xinjiang Emintaan Casein Co., Ltd. was established

    In December 2010, it was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise"

  • 2009

    In January, Chairman Mazhian was awarded the title of "Seventh Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Gansu Province"

    In September, the group trademark "HA" was rated as "a famous trademark in Gansu Province"

  • 2008

    In January , HALAL certification was passed

    In June , OU certification was passed

    In July , Hua'an Co., Ltd. in Kuokesu County, Almaty State, Kazakhstan, was established

    In December , it was rated as "Technology Innovation Excellent Product in Gansu Province"

  • 2007

    In July , the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Linxia County Xia Xing Modern Dairy Cattle Breeding Co., Ltd. was established.

    In December , it was rated as a designated production enterprise for special needed commodities of ethnic minorities during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period.

  • 2006

    In November , it obtained HACCP certificate

    In December , it was recognized as "Key Agriculture Industrialization Leading Enterprise in Gansu Province"

  • 2005

    In March 2005, Chairman Ma Zhi’an was awarded the title of "2004 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Linxia Prefecture" and became the youngest of the outstanding entrepreneurs in Linxia.

    In November 2005, it was awarded as an outstanding non-public enterprise in Gansu Province.

  • 2003

    In January, "Sihe Snowland Brand" Casein was awarded the title of Linxia Prefecture Famous Brand Product.

    In November, ISO9001 quality management system certification was passed.

  • 2001

    In December,Linxia Hua'an Biological Products Co., Ltd. was established

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